Customer Manaement System

Customer Management System (CMS)

Customer Management is a call center front-end business solution targeting Auto and related Auto-financing companies to track, monitor, alert customer’s payment and invoicing features. Built as a SaaS platform, to drive SMB businesses Customer Management offers organizations the business framework required to achieve a single complete view of the customer by providing payments and customer management in one system. Customer Management is designed to capture all details and manage all communications and payment functions for a customer. CMS is the customer care and service application that works in conjunction with Customer Management to provide an integrated solution. The current Customer Management System is comprised of the following customer and service records: (i) Customer; (ii) Schemes; (iii) Payments & Inventory; (iv) Vehicles & spares; (iv) Insurance & Order processing. The requirement is to have stand-alone modules of the various customer records that reside within an effective web-based application.

Our Unique Value Prop.

CMS is a hosted software service, and enables customers to get up and running in no time at all. It is a subscription based services, catering to common pain points, for small businesses to subscribe and use the most common features of auto-financing, parts and payments, maintaining customer profiles etc. CMS also ensures a significant jump in Customer satisfaction (CSAT) and boost business prospects. CMS serves more intelligently and profitably to the customer, organization barriers will be removed and can be used by all small business units with minimal configuration and template changes to the existing framework. It is an improved version of customer management system with high productivity and low cost. It is a value proposition to the customer, it will understand more about the customer and value to the customer. Employee relationship with the customer is greatest degree of success.